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DogGeekz.com was developed out of necessity.

Samuel Nieves, owner and founder of DogGeekz.com, knew as a child he would live his life surrounded by dogs. 

Growing up, there was nothing more Sam wanted than to hear the school bell ring so he could run home, gather the dogs, and head out to the woods with his friends. A typical week for Sam included spending countless hours doodling dogs, observing dog behavior at dog parks, creating cool adventures in the woods, and checking out every dog breed book there was at the local library.

Over the years, Sam became extremely knowledgeable about dogs. Family members, friends, friends of friends, would always rely on Sam for dog advice.

During his second year of college, Sam developed DogGeekz.com beta, originally an article based website where he could redirect friends and family members in need of sound advice.

Since 2008, DogGeekz.com has been powered by people that live, breathe, and dream dogs. Their truest passion is to help dogs and humans live happily through quality dog supplies, information, and content that they stand behind 100%.